Happy Bloggy Birthday To Me!

by Carolyn Russell on February 15, 2012

At the time when most people are preoccupied with Valentine’s Day, I have a different holiday on my mind – the second anniversary of starting this blog!

Birthday cake with lit candles

Happy second birthday to me!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Will Clayton

As I said last year, “What a difference a year makes!” At this time one year ago, I was pregnant and super uncomfortable (because APPARENTLY I was having contractions!) and counting the days till the baby would be born (it should have been almost 40. Instead, it was 4!)

Obviously, our lives have changed a lot since then. We had a baby (happy almost-birthday, Nathan!), we moved (AGAIN!), and we’ve slowly settled into a groove that allows me time to blog again.

In honor of my blog’s 2 year anniversary, I wanted to do something cool. So, when I saw a call for bloggers to contribute to a HUGE cloth diaper giveaway, I jumped on it! The only bummer is that the actual giveaway doesn’t start for another month. But I JOINED on my bloggy birthday, so that is what will count! ;)

Booty Buns *Go Green Give Charity* Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event


I’m super excited to participate because:

  1. I’ve wanted to arrange some sort of Rafflecopter giveaway for a while now (since I have so much fun entering and winning them myself!) but couldn’t figure out how to get a cool prize without having to pay for it all myself Winking smile
  2. Have I mentioned that I love cloth diapers? I’m always excited to spread the diaper love!
  3. I won a bunch of these same diapers a few weeks ago, and while I haven’t gotten to try them yet (they just arrived today and still need to be washed!) I’m stoked about them based on the features mentioned here, and the fact that there were complications with the delivery and the company went way above and beyond to make sure that the diapers got to me safely. Even if the diapers end up not fitting Nathan at ALL, I’m sold on the company itself based on their customer service today Smile (Thanks again, Booty Buns!)

So thank you to everyone who has supported me and my blogging efforts over the last two years, and I hope you’ll be proud of what I intend to accomplish this coming year Smile

But now (like always!) I’m off to eat the yummy meal that J is preparing – filet mignon, wine, and broccoli/potato au gratin. Sometimes change is good, but sometimes it’s great to stay the same Winking smile



PS – To any other bloggers interested in participating in the giveaway – it’s cheap (only $2.00!) and you really don’t have to do any work! They send you the code to post and that’s it! You can sign up here, but do it soon because they’re only accepting 200 people, and last I heard they were almost half way there! Also, if you do sign up, mention that I referred you (and then maybe I can win ANOTHER free diaper! That would be a GREAT bloggy birthday present to me! Smile )

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